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Hacked Software: should Christians use hacked softwares? Is this SIN or transgression?
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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.



This means: refraining from sexual intercourse or lust of the flesh with others, and marriage.  Recall?: even him that looks upon commits fornication in his heart, so no touching or getting horny on others either.  MAT  5: 28.  A Christian celibate enjoys no sexual experiences through pictures or other mediums: the only sex is self-relief -  and that the monks attempt to suppress with medications.  Today the use of female contraceptives as well as ancient botanical substances are used.

When we have read the Gospel and we repent then, by our own choice, baptize into the church of Christ, we also take the vows not to commit fornication, if we are not married, as we vow to follow Christ and all his doctrine and commandments including "Thou shalt do no adultery" and "Fornicators shall not enter the kingdom of heaven" (thus you best baptize after marriage).  Even if you doubt that what I am saying is true, it's still the saver way.

So from the age of understanding (12/13 years) until we are married, we have to be celibate or walk a risky road, if we wish to steer clear of fornication. If baptised, we divorce and choose a new partner, no sexual activity with married or engaged persons may take place: this would be fornication.

Anyone who does not maintain his vow has surrendered to Satan while Christ has said: "Deny thy self  and follow me".  Here, more than anywhere else, we must deny our selves as this lust of the flesh grows in our body and the want for sexual activity persuades the mind to offend: especially when Satan decides to use it against you  - as he will if you are even considering to become a Christian.

These facts are what they are, they are set in stone and no man can distort or remove them.  So the churches ignore them, diluting the tea of life to attract many 'blind and dead' members who give them many millions.  If they make these facts clear they lose many and attract very few , just as Christ told us: many are called but few are chosen.

As 99% of the churches and evangelist are just a commercial business, operating tax free, they can't afford to tell you the truth of the Gospel, so they preach a lie.   But know you what I have referred you to, for I do not teach my own doctrine, but refer you to the doctrine of Christ.  Many are called but few are chosen  - but with a few Satan does not yield riches, so they preach lies and lead millions into death.


...And The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It
Through the ages Catholics and other Nicolaitans tried to defy the above quotation by Jesus, oppressing and murdering many, deceiving and misleading many more, but they have not and shall not prevail against 'His Church'.

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