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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.


So you feel you have 'the calling' and so you want to start a Group: fine.  Whoever is going to join you will have to be of the same understanding as you in regards to the Gospel.  Here the creed comes in.  If ten out of twelve believe that Jesus was the son of God, then two of the twelve are not of the same creed.  It is then clear that the two should find a group which is in agreement with their misbelief, as it is clearly written that Jesus is the son of God.  So creeds are essential to confirm your group consists of actual Christians and/or Believers, and not of jokers.  This is why churches use creeds.

( which is the Apostle's Creed the creed of every 'Christian', Jesus-defined, and not of men's making )

Meaning of Saint in the times of Moses and of Jesus: One whom had answered God's calling. Ref:  CHR.
Meaning of Christ/Messiah: Son of God, Saviour, Anointed one.
Church House: a place where the doctrine of Christ is preached; a place where Christians and believers gather in the name of Christ, commonly called 'Church'. So, in its pure form, this is the gathering place of the members of, and believers in the 'Christian Church' (which is the Gospel Jesus gave us) for, that Gospel one must follow to become a Christian and thus a member of Jesus' Church.

1) I believe that since the last person to have heard the Gospel from Jesus in person has died, we only have the accounts published in the Gospels,
2) written with assistance of The Holy Ghost JOH 14:26, by those whom have seen the events that occurred and have heard the Gospel that was taught from Jesus his own mouth back then, as proof of the truth.
3) Since then these accounts have been reproduced numerous times, and in variable grammars, but, through God's intervention,
4) Always so that, would a reproduction contain erroneous or falsified messages conveyed as the word of God, on any subject essential to obtaining salvation, the evidence of this corruption will also be present in the Gospel, so that the chosen are saved from damnation.
5) I believe these accounts to be the only authoritative source of God's will, containing all knowledge necessary to enable a believer to obtain salvation and holiness.
6) I believe in God, the Father Almighty: maker of heaven and earth. Ref:  GENESIS

7) And in Jesus Christ as his only Son, our sole master and the only mediator between God and men, Ref: TI1 2: 5
8) Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born as the first child of Mary, wife of Joseph, while she was still a virgin,
  MAT 1: 18, MAT 13: 55

9) Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried.  Ref: LUKE 23: 26:
10) On the third day He rose again from the dead, ascended into heaven and was seated at the right hand of God.  Ref:  LUKE 23: 52  and  LUKE 24: 3
11) From thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead.  Ref: Revelation 20: 1
12) I believe in the Holy Spirit as a spiritual part of God,  Ref:  MAT 1: 18
13) The gift of the Holy Spirit, without intervention of men, to those whom have repented and have baptized, praying that they 
may receive it Ref: LUKE 11: 13

14) The forgiveness of sins committed before conversion, through believe (faith) in Jesus, repentance and baptism, Ref: MAR  1: 4
LUK  3: 3, HEB  10: 18
15) The spiritual conversion of a person from believer to Christian, Saint and Holy Being, through repentance and baptism alone. 
Ref:  ACT 2: 38
16) The resurrection of the body to everlasting life or everlasting death on the days of ressurection, Ref: Rev - 20: 1/6
17) And the promise of life everlasting in heaven for those who answer the calling of Jesus, becoming Christian.   Ref:  Rev 20: 6
18) The spiritual union, Sainthood and Holiness of those whom have repented and have baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.
Ref: GAL 3: 28

If anything in this creed is a misbelief, do not hold your peace, but speak, and proof it: for else you shall be guilty of neglecting that which you as a Chrsitian are bound to preserve!

(Beware: I advise you pray for the holy ghost, because so very few bearers of the name 'Christian' are, indeed, Christian and thus would not possess the Holy Spirit to pass it on to you by the laying on of hands).

First modified (4) on 20-05-2018. Concerning the Matt 28:19  falsification.

...And The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It
Through the ages Catholics and other Nicolaitans tried to defy the above quotation by Jesus, oppressing and murdering many, deceiving and misleading many more, but they have not and shall not prevail against 'His Church'.

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